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Difference Between Brush Bristle Types

Posted by on 10/18/2017

When youíre choosing brushes for your electronics manufacturing, there are a few different types of bristles you can choose. Take a look at the kinds offered by Waveroom Plus, and decide which is best for your business. One type of brush might do, or you can use a combination of brushes for different purposes.


Horse Hair is non-conductive, so you wonít have to worry about static charges while using this brush. The hair is soft and pliable, which allows the bristles to get into tight spaces and brush away any dust or debris. These brushes are best for gentle brushing. The material is also useful because it is slow to absorb water, meaning that youíll be able to sweep moisture away from your electronic components without worrying about it getting into the brush. Additionally, most horsehair brushes have the hair collected from horses during regular grooming, so there is no ethical dilemma to using them. Horse Hair is non-conductive and should not be used in the presence of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).

Hog Bristle

This bristle is made from pig hair, and itís one of the stiffest natural materials you can find. These bristles are non-conductive, meaning you donít have to worry about static. The ends of each hair separate into fine fibers, which allows access to all small crevices with ease. This type of brush is perfect for scrubbing away stickier substances. Hog Hair bristles are non-conductive and should not be used in the presence of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).


Nylon is a conductive material, perfect for use in Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) sensitive environment. This kind of bristle is composed of human made fibers, so thereís nowhere on the bristle for bacteria to thrive. Itís also hardier than natural fibers, as it can stand up to acidic and corrosive environments. This type of brush is perfect for everyday brushing needs for electronic components.

Are you still confused about which type of brush is perfect for your needs? Contact Waveroom Plus today to learn more about the different kinds and let us recommend the perfect option for you.

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