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Different Gloves for Different Situations

Posted by on 2/5/2018 to General

There are a lot of types of gloves available for use in your electronics manufacturing facility. What options are out there, and when would you want to use each kind?

Clean Room Vinyl Gloves

These are gloves that are rated explicitly for use in a clean room. This means that they leave minimal or no residue. Your skin will naturally leave oils and small dust particles when you touch something, so use these in a clean room in order to keep all particles off of your work.

Cotton Inspection Gloves

These gloves let you handle and inspect delicate objects without leaving skin oils or fingerprints on them. Use these to keep screens and glass objects looking as good as new. These gloves can also be ESD, allowing you to handle objects without risk of shock.

ESD Hot Gloves

These gloves are used when you need to handle objects at high temperatures and avoid a risk of static shock. Your hands will stay safe while allowing you the movement necessary to handle these objects.

Powder-free Nitrile

Nitrile gloves are used when latex allergies might be an issue. In general, these are all-purpose gloves that protect you from common chemicals.

Powered Latex

These are basic all-purpose gloves that are generally seen as the default. Latex is an excellent resistant material, and the powder, usually cornstarch, allows you to put on the gloves quickly and easily. Powder-free latex gloves are also available for environments where the powder might be a contaminant.

Static Dissipative Finger Cots

These are an alternative to full static dissipative gloves. You can wear these on individual fingers that are at risk of static shock, allowing you to move your fingers precisely without worrying about stretching a glove. These are also usually an economical choice, as they cost less than full gloves.

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