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How To Handle Static Sensitive Items

Posted by on 10/25/2017

Electronics can be highly sensitive to static electricity. When youíre dealing with small electronic parts in your manufacturing, then you need to know the best way to handle the static, so you and your parts arenít harmed. Check out this quick guide to static sensitive items and how to protect them and yourself.

Try to limit your movement when dealing with static sensitive objects. Any extra movement will create more static around your body, which can damage the electronic components you work with. Small electronic parts can only handle a certain amount of electric current, and overloading it with static current will cause it to malfunction.

Use conductive or dissipative gloves for handling electronics. Your body conducts electricity well, so have a conductive or dissipative layer between yourself and the electronics to avoid passing static shocks to delicate components. This layer prevents both your electronics and yourself from being harmed.

Avoid touching any metal directly. If you have picked up an electric charge from the pieces you work with, then touching metal directly will provide an outlet for that charge to dissipate. This can seriously harm you and will most certainly harm the components you may be holding. The effects of a static shock can range from mild burning to heart failure. This is not something you can risk during your work.

Before you deal with electronic components or other pieces that are static sensitive, make sure to ground yourself. This allows any electric charge to flow through you without hurting you or the environment you are in. You can do this with shoes designed to ground you, common grounds, wrist straps, and a multitude of other means. The charge will go into the ground without harming you during the regular operations of your day.

Find conductive clothing, shoes, and more at WaveRoom Plus. You can make sure your employees are safe when working with electronics with the use of ESD benches, chairs, labcoats, gloves, shoes, and other grounding equipment. Contact us today to learn how to help control your static environment.

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