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How Winter Weather Impacts Electronics Manufacturing

Posted by on 12/7/2016

Anyone who has worked in the electronics manufacturing industry or with soldering irons on electrical circuits knows the impact static has on their projects, especially during the winter months. The WaveRoom Plus knows that many of our customers are well-versed in this science, but there are many out there who don't understand the implications the weather has on ESD. 

To begin, what is static electricity?

Static electricity is the buildup of electrical charges on the surface of material. Usually, one of the elements involved in static electricity has an abundance of electrons (a negative charge), while the other has an abundance of protons (a positive charge). The static occurs when these two materials are put against each other or pulled apart.

Since electrical charges form on the surface of equipment, dry or moist air plays a significant factor in the chance of static occurring. When it is humid, water molecules can occur on the surface of many materials, ultimately decreasing the chances of static from occurring. So, the drier the air, the more likely electronics manufacturing companies are to face the damage caused by static.

Luckily, there are businesses out there like the WaveRoom Plus who dedicate themselves to giving our customers all the tools they need to complete their electronics projects efficiently and successfully. We have a large selection of ESD products in our inventory, including garments, office supplies, table mats, flooring, and more. When it comes to your soldering iron uses, we have everything you need for a positive outcome.

If you have more questions about our products, please contact us today by calling (603) 427-4651.

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