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Soldering Pot Safety Tips

Posted by on 3/8/2017

Many of our customers are well-educated and knowledgeable in the electronics manufacturing industry, but there are always a few newbies that come into the store looking to invest in their first soldering iron. The WaveRoom Plus loves these customers because soldering is fun and exciting, and a hobby we enjoy. That said, this hobby is only as cool as how safe you are. If you're still new to the community and are looking to invest in a product like a soldering pot, we have a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Ensure your soldering pot is on a flat, even surface

Just the same as when you eat a bowl of soup, you want to be sure you're not holding your bowl at an angle. Otherwise, you risk the chance of spilling boiling soup on yourself. When using a soldering pot, keeping it on an even surface will protect you from severe burns and other damages to your equipment, business, or home.

Use an insulation tray when necessary

If you are working on a surface that is not able to withstand heat, be sure to protect your workbench and other belongings by using an insulation tray. Placing a soldering pot on a delicate surface can quickly result in damage and could even lead to a fire.

Donít forget ventilation!

When you are working on any form of soldering, it's important to invest in the right ventilation. Breathing in solder toxins is dangerous to your health. Inhaling or being exposed to welding fumes has been linked to respiratory effects, including lung cancer.

Now that you know a little bit more, it might be the right time to come into our shop and talk with our experts. We'd love to tell you even more about how to use a soldering pot and our other products safely. If you have more questions, see us or call today at (603) 437-4651.

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