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What Does ESD Protection Do?

Posted by on 12/21/2016

The winter season is the perfect opportunity to discuss electrostatic discharge and how it can impact our electronic manufacturing and other similar projects. The WaveRoom Plus sells more than just soldering irons and pots. We focus on the full spectrum of production supplies you need for the industry, including ESD protection. If you're wondering about the importance of ESD protection and what it offers you, then you have come to the right place.

ESD protection comes in a variety of forms, including garments, work surfaces, wrist straps, cards and labels, equipment covers, floor care, and more. Companies around the world have put in the effort to create a variety of different ESD-safe products on the market to aid any project imaginable. These products exist to prevent damage to ESD sensitive items.

We might only think of static occurring on our bodies when we rub our feet against the carpet or a balloon against our hair, but in nearly every moment we make can create static. Something as simple as walking across a carpet (without dragging our feet) can produce a minimum of 1,500 volts, and many static-sensitive items in electronics manufacturing get impacted by as little as 100 volts.

Though every environment might require a varying degree of static protection, the basic need of ESD is to reduce or eliminate the chance of charge generation and accumulation by providing the necessary grounding paths. Since over half of hardware failures occurring because of electrostatic discharge, itís important to keep all work areas as neutralized as possible.

With over 25 years of business and experience, The WaveRoom Plus has the staff that can help you determine what you will need for your next project to avoid potential ESD problems. Our extensive selection of brands and tools allows us to be on the cusp of technology and keep our customers informed.

To talk to one of our experts or learn more, contact us today by calling (603) 437-4651.

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