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What are LeadCheck Swabs?

Posted by on 7/25/2017

Soldering iron, pots, and other electronic manufacturing tools are the focus at the WaveRoom Plus, but there are always products we carry that can fit into multiple facets of your life. We recently have added 3M’s LeadCheck Swabs to our inventory, and think they’re pretty handy for even a common household product!

Testing for lead is essential for anyone who spends time around or utilizing solder equipment, lives in an old home, and more. Lead is a toxic metal found that was once often and still sometimes used in construction and other everyday products. Lead has been connected to problems in the brain and nervous system, increased risk of high blood pressure, kidney damage, and more. When possible, removing yourself from the presence of or eliminating lead is the ideal for any person's health. Removal of lead should be completed by professionals or to the standards set by environmental and health organizations.

These swabs are a simple solution for lead testing on your products or even on surfaces around your home to check for lead alloy content. They can be used on drywall, paint, plaster, metal, components, PCBs, and more. All you need to do is crush, shake, and swab. For this test, red means lead, and if you find your swab immediately turns a bright pink, it means it detects some level of lead on your surface. Most results appear within 30 sections, and the test can screen lead presence up to 600 ppm (parts per million).

These tests come in packs of eight, which means you can test items in your home or workspace time and time again before having to buy another. A small price tag for the safety of your health is money well spent in our book!

With more questions about our swabs, soldering irons, or any other product we carry, please call the experts at Waveroom Plus today at (603) 437-4651.

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