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Which Metcal Soldering Iron is Best for You?

Posted by on 3/21/2019
In an industry with many options, how do you choose the best tool to fit your needs? Soldering irons are available in several different types.  Thus, you need to consider the project at hand to determine the proper the equipment.

Ways to Improve Your Soldering Accuracy

Posted by on 2/21/2019

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to determine what might make our soldering experience better.  With over 25 years of experience, Waveroom Plus has helped customers become more precise with their soldering abilities. By offering our assistance, customers have been able to improve methods when soldering joints accurately.

What is Torque?

Posted by on 12/18/2018
Torque is a physics term used to describe the force an object to rotate about an axis, also thought as the “twist” of an object. When it comes to manufacturing, there are many reasons it’s necessary to understand what torque is, and the need for torque tools. For one, learning how to increase torque can make it easier to put something together, or take it apart. For example, compare unscrewing a screw with your fingers and with a screwdriver. Aside from the screwdriver having more grip, the added length increases the torque, making it easier.

How to Keep Employees Happy

Posted by on 12/4/2018

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy for your employees to feel a little overwhelmed and challenged to balance spending time with family and being present at work. Make sure they know their work is valued this season by showing you care. Now, we’re not saying some extravagant holiday party or big bonus (although those are good too!). You can take little steps - like providing quality tools and equipment from Waveroom Plus - throughout the year to let employees know they are valued and what they are doing is important.

The Importance of Electronics Manufacturing Production Services

Posted by on 10/18/2018

As an electronics manufacturing provider, we’re a little biased when we say that this industry is vital to the success of a whole bunch of other sectors, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here at Waveroom Plus, we strive to go above and beyond to provide you with any production supplies you could ever need to create the latest and greatest in electronics manufacturing.

The Industries Supported by Waveroom Plus

Posted by on 10/4/2018

We’re excited about what we do. We love helping our customers discover products that make their jobs easier. With so many products in our inventory, it’s not surprising that our client’s range in their expertise. We work with companies and individuals across various industries and are proud to see how our products enable them to do their jobs and make strides in their field.

Safety in the Workplace

Posted by on 7/18/2018

Safety is a paramount concern for business and employees alike. Workplace injuries interrupt both the lives of the injured as well as productivity. If severe enough, they can prevent the employee from working, and possibly keep them from living their lives outside of work. The good news is, lots of potential hazards and injuries are easily avoidable. Here at Waveroom Plus, we offer safety equipment ranging from fireproof cabinets, gloves, and even signage. We want your employees to feel comfortable in their workspace, and be aware of the hazards around them.

Product Highlight: Calipers

Posted by on 7/4/2018

Calipers are a vital tool for various industries, including metalwork, forestry, mechanical engineering, and woodworking. At Waveroom Plus, we know how important it is to have a variety of measuring tools on hand. As they say, measure twice, cut once - right? Read on to learn why calipers deserve a spot on your toolbelt if they’re not already.

Product Spotlight: Microscopes

Posted by on 6/26/2018

It’s no secret that microscopes are one of the most important inventions in human history. Even if you’re not a laboratory scientist, you likely come in contact with some lenses on a daily basis. From eyeglasses to microscopes, the use of magnifying lenses has touched almost every industry imaginable. At WaveroomPlus, we provide our customers with a variety of different microscopes from numerous manufacturers, so we’re sure to have one that’s perfect for you.

Keep Yourself Safe

Posted by on 6/12/2018
If you’ve worked in electronics manufacturing for a while, you likely know that small cuts and burns are inevitable. However, you should be careful to keep yourself safe from significant injuries. Take a look at this quick guide to familiarize yourself with electronics safety precautions, or remind yourself if it’s been a while since you thought about it.

Essential Components of an Electronics Workstation

Posted by on 5/14/2018 to General
You may have the expertise and work experience to get to work at an electronics workstation, but do you know what you need to make it the best it can be? Waveroom Plus understands how crucial it is that you have a well-made station to make your projects as efficient and quality as possible. If you have no idea where to get started, consider this list of essentials, so your station is top-notch and serves you for plenty of time to come. 

How to Design Your Workspace

Posted by on 3/19/2018
Are you designing a new workspace for manufacturing electronics? Take a look at what you’ll need and what you should consider in your design.

Differences Between Mask Types

Posted by on 2/27/2018
When you’re working with electronics in a dust-sensitive environment, you need to wear a mask to keep yourself and your work safe. However, there are multiple types of masks available—how do you know which one is right for you?

Different Gloves for Different Situations

Posted by on 2/5/2018 to General
There are a lot of types of gloves available for use in your electronics manufacturing facility. What options are out there, and when would you want to use each kind?

Uses of Types of Tape

Posted by on 1/22/2018 to Specials
There are a variety of tapes you can use in your electronics manufacturing, and each has specific purposes. What tapes are best for your particular uses? Take a look at our quick guide below, and learn why there are different kinds as well as which one is best for you.

Storing Components Properly

Posted by on 12/11/2017 to General
Sometimes, your electronic components will need to be stored with extra care and protection. Some parts will need to be kept at specific temperatures with specific humidity levels or other components may be extremely static-sensitive. How do you ensure you store them safely?

Anti-Static Chairs

Posted by on 11/28/2017 to General
Anti-static chairs are definitely a worthwhile investment when you work with manufacturing electronics. Here are some of the benefits of these chairs, so you can take a look for yourself to understand why this is an investment your company should make. These chairs will be worthwhile for everyone working with electronics.

Be Healthy When Working With Toxic Fumes

Posted by on 11/14/2017 to General

Sometimes when you’re working with electronic components, you might encounter toxic fumes. How can you be safe while still getting your work done?

How To Handle Static Sensitive Items

Posted by on 10/25/2017
Electronics can be highly sensitive to static electricity. When you’re dealing with small electronic parts in your manufacturing, then you need to know the best way to handle the static, so you and your parts aren’t harmed. Check out this quick guide to static sensitive items and how to protect them and yourself.

Difference Between Brush Bristle Types

Posted by on 10/18/2017
When you’re choosing brushes for your electronics manufacturing, there are a few different types of bristles you can choose. Take a look at the kinds offered by Waveroom Plus, and decide which is best for your business.

Why Should I Buy Little Things Online?

Posted by on 10/11/2017 to General
You may have noticed that among the array tools you need for your electronics manufacturing, our store also offers seemingly mundane items like gloves and flashlights. Why should you purchase these from WaveRoom Plus instead of a local office supply store?

Ergonomics in Computer Assembly

Posted by on 9/15/2017
When you’re assembling electronics in a lab or cleanroom setting, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You need to make sure the area is clear of dust, and you’re safe from static shocks. Are you also paying attention to keeping yourself from getting hurt? If you find you end each day with pain in your back and neck, then you need this guide on ergonomics in your manufacturing workplace.

Electronic Manufacturing Necessities

Posted by on 9/1/2017
Are you building or remodeling a work station for manufacturing electronics? There’s a lot of things you need for a stress-free work environment. Are you prepared for all the struggles of the job, or are you still unsure? Take a look at electronic manufacturing necessities to keep in mind.

What are LeadCheck Swabs?

Posted by on 7/25/2017
Soldering iron, pots, and other electronic manufacturing tools are the focus at the WaveRoom Plus, but there are always products we carry that can fit into multiple facets of your life. We recently have added 3M’s LeadCheck Swabs to our inventory, and think they’re pretty handy for even a common household product!

Benefits of the Aven SharpVue Microscopes

Posted by on 7/11/2017
As a business that provides soldering irons and other soldering tools to our customers, microscopes are another important product for us to carry. Microscopes improve accuracy and consistency, can enhance efficiency, and are a great instrument to have whenever you need it. One of our favorites? The Aven SharpVue for these four critical reasons:


 Which Metcal Soldering Iron is Best for You?
 Ways to Improve Your Soldering Accuracy
 What is Torque?
 How to Keep Employees Happy
 The Importance of Electronics Manufacturing Production Services
 The Industries Supported by Waveroom Plus
 Safety in the Workplace
 Product Highlight: Calipers
 Product Spotlight: Microscopes
 Keep Yourself Safe

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