The Waveroomplus was started back in 1990 by founder Ron Locke. Ron had extensive experience in Distribution working for several well know distributors prior to starting the Waveroom. (Notice no plus at the end?).  As with any Entrepreneur starting a business from scratch is not an easy thing to do. One of Mr. Locke’s previous employers was a company known as Contact East. 

While working at Contact East Ron had developed a friendship with fellow employee Steven Reinstein. On or around his fifth year in business at the Waveroom Ron was contacted by Mr. Reinstein who had just left a competitor distribution outfit. Mr. Reinstein mentioned he was going to start his own distributorship and since Ron had a business already working would he be interested in a partner. A partnership was born and the “Plus” was entered into the name, the plus being Mr. Reinstein. 

“We wanted to be different than our competition” states Mr. Reinstein. We were the first distributor in the USA for AIM Solder Products. We were the first to introduce the BGA inspection system from Ersa. From hand tools to inspection equipment to state of the art soldering products the Waveroomplus is always on the crest of breaking technology. 

Rely on a company that can provide the attention and care that only a smaller company can offer--and the technical experience and know-how that few companies can offer--we'll be here. Call us. (603) 437-4651.