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How to Design Your Workspace

Posted by on 3/19/2018

Are you designing a new workspace for manufacturing electronics? Take a look at what youíll need and what you should consider in your design.

Make sure the area is comfortable. This includes a suitable place to sit, like an ergonomic chair. If you prefer standing while doing your work, you should look into ergonomic workbenches. You donít want back pain from being hunched over your work all day, so make sure comfort is at the front of your mind.

Do you have the storage space necessary for all the components you need for your work? You likely have parts that are tiny, require static-sensitive storage, or need to be kept in a specific temperature range. Make sure you understand how youíll need to store everything, and prepare your workspace with the proper storage.

You need to be able to see what youíre doing, so make sure the area is well-lit. You can also invest in bright lights and magnifiers to be able to get a good look at microscopic components.

You will very likely need to do some soldering during your work. Your workspace needs to have a place to set a hot soldering iron without damaging anything. This means that besides the iron and solder itself, you need a heat-resistant rest. Youíll also need magnifiers and gloves to do your work safely.

Make sure thereís adequate power for your workspace. This might mean extension cords and surge protectors to provide more outlets for use. If you do need to do this, make sure you tie back extra cables, so you donít have a tripping hazard.

When choosing furniture and fixtures for your space, keep static discharge in mind. You want ESD fixtures and tools when possible, as they will protect exposed circuits from being destroyed with a small shock.

Contact Waveroom Plus today for all you need to build your perfect electronic manufacturing workstation!

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