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Keep Yourself Safe

Posted by on 6/12/2018

If youíve worked in electronics manufacturing for a while, you likely know that small cuts and burns are inevitable. However, you should be careful to keep yourself safe from significant injuries. Take a look at this quick guide to familiarize yourself with electronics safety precautions, or remind yourself if itís been a while since you thought about it.

Make sure you wear ESD garments or heel grounders to prevent static shocks. These shocks might only be a mild annoyance to you, but they can completely destroy electronic materials. There is also the risk of a massive shock burning or otherwise harming you in case of a severe accident.

Make sure the space is well-ventilated. Inadequate ventilation can lead to you inhaling toxic fumes. This may not pose a problem immediately, but constant exposure to fumes from soldering or cleaning chemicals can cause brain damage later in life.

Wear goggles. Eye protection is essential because your eyes are susceptible to permanent and severe damage from anything as minor as a small spark or speck of metal. You donít know what microscopic particles might end up in the air while youíre doing your work, and you may not even notice a problem until your vision fades. A pair of goggles prevents this efficiently.

Keep any emergency safety equipment nearby. You should never be more than a few steps from a first aid kit or fire extinguisher. When something goes wrong, it can get much worse very quickly. Stop emergencies as soon as they start and protect yourself and your work.

Use insulated tools to prevent any static charge from flowing between yourself and your work. You can damage your electronics, or a live source of electricity can severely injure you. You still need to manipulate circuit boards or other electronics, so use insulated tools to make sure the flow of static is stopped.

If youíre working with things that carry any electrical charge, make sure they are discharged before you touch them. This will prevent you from being shocked or harming your work.

For all the safety equipment you need for your electronics manufacturing, take a look at what Waveroom Plus has to offer. Contact us to learn what you need!

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