A significant component of many electronics manufacturing industries involves flux.  Defined, flux is a substance mixed with a solid to lower its melting point.  Used primarily in soldering metals, flux helps to promote melting.  However, flux is not a one-size-fits-all product.  This article will highlight a few of the different variations available.

Aim No-Clean Paste Flux

Aim’s No-Clean Paste Flux is best used when soldering with a Solder Paste product during the solder application process, as opposed to a Wire Solder material. No-clean tacky/rework flux is designed to wet virtually all solderable electronic surfaces, components, assemblies, and substrates.  Also, an excellent choice when it comes to BGA packages.  Because of the superior wetting abilities, this paste flux results in bright, smooth, and shiny solder joints.  Any residues that may remain on surfaces after soldering are clear, leaving a cosmetically appealing repair. 

PFNC-10CC is compatible with all tin-lead and lead-free alloys, and it is suitable for a variety of applications. Offered as a standard 10cc syringe, this paste can be cleaned, if necessary, with saponified water, or an appropriate solvent cleaner.


Aim No-Clean Liquid Flux

Similarly, Aim no-clean liquid flux is formulated for a wide variety of applications on all leaded and lead-free soldering applications, where wire solder is the primary material used during the soldering process.  However, this product comes ready for use and requires no mixing.  FX16 is halide and halogen free, making it easier on the respiratory system.  Further, this flux leaves minimal, electronically safe residues, even when heated. Yet, can be cleaned when necessary.

Ideal for point-to-point selective soldering and palletized wave soldering, FX16 can be used via spray, brush, or dip processes.  Providing fast wetting and PTH barrel fill, all while reducing common solder defects such as bridging, flagging, and solder balls. 

Available in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs, you can be sure you’ll have the proper inventory.  Thus eliminating job delays and unnecessary trips back to the stores. 


Solder Flux

Another common type of industry flux is solder flux.  Solder flux offers a wide range of products from no-clean to water soluble.  One of the main differences between the above two and water soluble is the hazardous material label. Excellent for wetting, foam, spray, brush or dip applications.  Providing similar qualities of a No-Clean Flux, but requiring a cleaning process after the application is performed.

Also available in a wide range of sizes, the 715M is a buffered flux that has a wide activation range.  Producing bright, shiny solder joints, this product remains active post-process.


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