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Product Highlight: Calipers

Posted by on 7/4/2018

Calipers are a vital tool for various industries, including metalwork, forestry, mechanical engineering, and woodworking. At Waveroom Plus, we know how important it is to have a variety of measuring tools on hand. As they say, measure twice, cut once - right? Read on to learn why calipers deserve a spot on your toolbelt if theyíre not already.


The History

The first caliper was found on a Greek shipwreck that dates back to 6th century B.C. The piece was made of wood and had a set of jaws - one was fixed, and one was movable. More sophisticated tools were found to be used dating back to 9 A.D. in the Chinese Xu dynasty. These models measured down to 1/10 of an inch. Thatís pretty good for over 2,000 years ago! The modern caliper was crafted in America in 1851 by Joseph Brown - it was the first of its kind that was affordable enough to be purchased by everyday workers.


Uses & Types

At Waveroom Plus, we have a variety of calipers and measuring tools for you to choose from. We have digital, dial, and an ESD safe models, so you can feel confident knowing your tool is accurate, precise, and safe. Dial and digital models allow you to adjust the caliper legs as tightly as you need simply, and the dial or digital screen will read the measurement down to a hundredth of an inch.


Words of Caution

When measuring objects of irregular shapes, you need to be careful to hold the object correctly to get the right measurement. For example, when measuring the thickness of a coin, you need to keep the caliper at a right angle to get the appropriate number. Itís best to measure things a few times, and adjust your positioning and make sure itís right. Additionally, the object must be in contact with the tool to work correctly. Thatís why we offer an ESD model - so you donít have to worry about potentially dangerous static electricity being transferred.


Regardless of what youíre measuring, the accuracy of a caliper is highly dependent on the person, not so much the tool. Make sure to educate yourself on proper measuring techniques and measure multiple times. For more information about our inventory, call (603) 437-4651 to speak with one of our experts.

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