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Uses of Types of Tape

Posted by on 1/22/2018 to Specials

There are a variety of tapes you can use in your electronics manufacturing, and each has specific purposes. What tapes are best for your particular uses? Take a look at our quick guide below, and learn why there are different kinds as well as which one is best for you.

Conformal Coating Tape

This tape is for covering the components of a circuit board that are not meant to be coated during a conformal coating process. The benefit of using this tape to mask areas of the circuit board is that you can easily manipulate the tape. You can be sure to cover only the areas you want covered.

Electrical Tape

This tape is used to insulate electrical wires and components. It’s made of plastic and other materials that insulate and conduct electricity. Usually, electrical tape is black, but different colors are available so you can color-code your wires.

ESD Tape

This tape is anti-static and can be used to protect components from static discharge. Cover delicate parts while working with those that might produce a static discharge, and just peel off the tape when you finish.

Finger Pro Tape

This tape wraps around fingers to protect the skin from cuts and burns while allowing you the maneuverability to handle small components. The tape is breathable, and won’t stick to your skin when it’s time to remove it.

High-Temperature Masking Tape

This is like regular masking tape, but it can withstand high temperatures, making it useful for production uses. Cover components you want to be masked before the part is introduced to high heat, and this tape will protect the elements from the heat.

Kapton Tape

This tape is useful because it is a conductive tape that continues to conduct electricity in extreme temperatures. It can be used from -269C to 400C.

Paper Inspection Arrows

Use these to flag any areas on a board that need attention. These arrows are simple to stick on and remove.

Solder Wave Dots

These are small adhesive dots which can withstand the heat of solder. They’re used to cover sensitive components during the soldering process.

Whatever type of tape you need for your electronics manufacturing, we’ll make sure you have it. Contact Waveroom Plus for more information.

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