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Ways to Improve Your Soldering Accuracy

Posted by on 2/21/2019

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to determine what might make our soldering experience better.  With over 25 years of experience, Waveroom Plus has helped customers become more precise with their soldering abilities. By offering our assistance, customers have been able to improve methods when soldering joints accurately.



Improving accuracy should start with a check of your current tool inventory. Having a high quality, high production soldering iron and compatible tips are essential.  Shape, temperature and correct coating are also important factors for the task on hand. You could be a quality craftsman and suffer from poor quality work, not realizing it is because of your solder iron and tips.  They could be working against your abilities as a technician. Work with experts and receive the latest news about improved equipment within your budget to produce quality results every time.



Aside from the soldering iron itself, the other tools you are using should be looked at as well. Additional accessories can make your work area cleaner, more organized and ready to tackle issues that may occur during the manufacturing process. The Waveroom Plus works with many companies to supply customers with the best available tools essential to any manufacturing process.  These accessories could be as simple as soldering sponges or brass tip clean, to precision cutter, pliers, knives, and scissors.  Waveroom Plus can help you choose the right precision tool for any application.


Shadows and dim lighting might make it difficult to see in any instance, let alone when you are trying to produce quality work. With support from companies like Daylight, Dazor, and O.C. White Company, the Waveroom Plus can assist to provide excellent lighting options for you to get your job done in the right light.


When working with the ever shrinking-electrical components of today, it can be difficult to see precisely where our soldering iron is touching, or worse, missing.  A magnifier is a great option to bring the work closer to the operator without straining their posture and eyes. Some magnifiers offer a third hand to position the project in front of the lens and allow a better visual.  Others can take real-time video and display key details unseen to the naked eye. In an industry where details are essential to the process, be sure to have the tools to examine them properly.



Whether you have a question of what will work best or a need the know-how of an application, the Waveroom Plus has experts that can help you understand the best possible solutions for any soldering project.  Give us a call today at (603) 437-4651.


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 Ways to Improve Your Soldering Accuracy

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