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Why you need Electrostatic Discharge Protection

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 3/31/2015
WaveroomPlus prides itself on supplying the electronics manufacturing industry with high quality, technically sophisticated, anti-static devices. Every day we strive to respond to the needs of our customers with increased speed, agility, and focus. We have a long history of superlative customer service and expertise that is more than competitive anywhere on the market.

Your Electronics Manufacturing Supplies Need Spring Cleaning Too!

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 3/27/2015
As the snow finally starts to melt and the warmer weather continues to get closer, you may be starting to think about sprucing up the yard and your home for the spring season. Did you ever think about your electronics manufacturing supplies? Yes, those too could use an overhaul, and Spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are three areas you'll want to focus your spring cleaning efforts on to make the most of your electronics manufacturing facility.

Electrostatic Discharge protection in Winter

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 3/20/2015
Who we are is WaveroomPlus. We sell high quality production supplies for the electronics manufacturing industry. We want to be different from the competition. We want to be more responsive to the complex demanding needs of our customers. We have years of technical experience and know-how that few companies can offer.


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