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Do You Own a Hakko Soldering Station?

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 4/30/2015
Hakko has been a well-established name in the soldering equipment industry since their inception in 1954. Since then, the company has grown to provide the electronics manufacturing industry with hundreds of quality-made soldering irons, stations, and accessories. The WaveRoom Plus is proud to provide customers looking to buy a new Hakko Soldering Station, upgrade current models, or purchase replacement parts of all kinds.

Looking For Ways to Save? Consider Your Soldering Stations!

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 4/29/2015
When it comes to the electronics manufacturing industry, who isn't looking to save a little time and money for their company? Instead of making drastic cuts or sacrificing on quality, there is a simple yet effective way for your electronics manufacturing business to save on both accounts. What is it you ask? The answer is simple: soldering stations.

Come 'See' Our Stock of Magnifiers & Inspection Tools!

Posted by Waveroom Plus on 4/24/2015
Do you strain to read small print? Use glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision? Even if you answered no to these questions or have 20/20 vision, you will most likely use magnifiers or other inspection tools when working in the electronic manufacturing industry. Here are some of the popular inspection tools you can find at the WaveRoom Plus, to help you see a project or repair is done correctly every time.


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