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Dispense Flux Easily with WaveRoom Products

Posted by on 8/30/2016
WaveRoom Plus loves telling our customers about our products, like the importance of having flux available while soldering. Weíve taken the time before to explain the use of flux as a cleaning agent used to absorb impurities that could impact your work while using a solder iron. We even talked about how and why flux is cored in wire solder, but we didnít touch upon the benefits of having a simple and inexpensive dispensing bottle.

Featured Product: Hakko ESD Safe Thermal Wire Stripper

Posted by on 8/17/2016
One of our favorite items to talk about at WaveRoom are our Hakko soldering stations because we know they create some insanely awesome and beneficial soldering irons and accessories. In fact, the reason they offer such great products is because of their 60 years of experience and dedication to quality. And because of that reason, one of our featured items of the month is the Hakko FT801-02 ESD-Safe Thermal Wire Stripper. To keep it simple, letís talk about the benefits.

Find a New Hobby Soldering!

Posted by on 8/14/2016
Summer is a great time to pick up new hobbies, especially those that can be done all year long, even in our tough New England winters!

Why You Should Splurge for a Soldering Iron

Posted by on 8/7/2016
If youíve been thinking about buying your first soldering iron, you will know that many vary in price. And you might find yourself wondering if you should stick with a $15 iron from your local retail store or spend a little extra. The WaveRoom Plus knows how difficult of a decision this can be because youíre just starting out! There are many considerations when choosing, but we can think of a few perks you receive when you splurge for a nicer soldering iron.


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